Friday, September 21, 2012

Suz on Polka Dots

Not only are polka dots one of this seasons hottest trends, they are my most favorite pattern! (Ok, ok, so it might be a tie with plaid...) The polka dot trend is extremely wearable and comes in all price points. Freshen up your look with a polka dot tee, shoe, sweater or accessory. Those of you who are a bit more daring, try a polka dot pair of jeans, a blazer or a skirt.

 Here are my nominations for best polka dots 2012.

 In the category of best polka dot t-shirt, the nominees are:

 1. Gap Seamed Dot Tee
2. Urban Outfitters BDG Scoopneck Tee
Look familiar????

And the winner is: Urban Outfitters BDG Scoopneck Tee. The picture of Swift and Kennedy (how creeptastic is their relationship???) sealed the deal.

 In the category of best polka dot sweater, the nominees are:

 1. JCrew Factory Polka Dot Cardigan
2. Old Navy Dot Sweater
3. Gap Dot Pullover

And the winner is: The Old Navy Dot Sweater. For the price (under $25) you can not go wrong! Wear it with your colored skinnies and you've got a cute, trendy look.

 In the category of best polka dot shoe, the nominees are:

 1. Old Navy Polka Dot Flat
2. Gap Calf Hair Loafers
3. JCrew Mila Dot-Print Ballet Flat
4. Kate Spade (the queen of dots) Hailey Too

5. Madewell Sidewalk Skimmer in Polka Dot

And the winner is...JCrew Mila Dot-Print Ballet Flat. How cute are they????

 In the category of best polka dot accessory, the nominees are:

 1. Kate Spade Le Pavilion Iphone Case
2. Old Navy Polka Dot Scarf
3. Marc Jacobs Polka Dot Umbrella
4. Ann Taylor Polite Pearlized Enamel Bangel
5. Hue Polka Dot Tights
And the winner is: It's a tie between either the Kate Spade Le Pavilion Iphone case and the Hue Polka Dot Tights. Both have a great cost-per-use ratio and both look chic and on trend.

Tell me, do you agree with the winners???

 Go out there and get yourself some dots!

'Til next time,
Stay Stylish!

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