Thursday, September 20, 2012

Suz on "Plus Size" Model, Robyn Lawley

A long overdue HELLO to you Suz on Style readers!!!! I have many, many fun blog post ideas so keep checking back to be part of the fun. First up, Ralph Lauren (AKA: the silver fox, and the creator of American prep) announced that the face of their new ad campaign is Robyn Lawley. Robin is a 23 year old Australian model who, at 6 ft 2 in, wears a size 12. Size 12 is the "average" size of the American woman. While, I would not call Ms. Lawley "plus-sized," I do applaud RL for breaking with tradition and using a more voluptuous model for their campaign. You be the judge...tell me, do you think Robyn Lawley is "plus-sized???"
You can watch her interview on Good Morning America here.

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