Friday, November 19, 2010

Suz on Holiday Parties

Ahh, it's finally here, the holiday season. Can you hear the sleigh bells ringing? Who cares about sleigh bells?!?!?! I want to hear the delightful 'clinky clinky' sound of toasting my champagne flute!
Wondering what to wear this year? Well, don't worry your stylish little head about it anymore. Suz is here with the perfect holiday party look for this holiday season 2010. (And I'm not talking about festive Christmas sweaters.)

There is only one thing you need to remember about holiday dressing this year: Sequins. Yes, that's right. SEQUINS! They are everywhere.

There are three main sequins pieces out right now. They come in all price points.

1.) Sequin tanks

Top left: Urban Outfitters, $39.00
Top Middle: Forever 21, $17.80
Middle: J.Crew, $69.50
MiddleLeft: Ann Taylor Loft: $69.50
Middle Right: Forever 21, $17.80
Bottom left: Forever 21, $19.80

2.) Sequin jackets/cardis

Left: Forever 21, $24.80
Middle: J.Crew, $128.00
Bottom left: Urban Outfitters, $79.00
Bottom Right: Forever 21, $24.80

3.) Sequin skirts

Top left: J.Crew, $385.00
Top middle: Gap, $49.50
Bottom left: J.Crew, $128
Bottom right: Forever 21, $17.80

How to ROCK this look?? Well, clearly you do NOT want to wear a sequin skirt with a sequin top and a sequin blazer/cardi. The trick is to pick one of the three and then build your look around that piece.
We'll start with the tank. I'll use my personal favorite, the J.Crew tank as an example.

First, decide whether you want to wear a skirt with tights, jeans or black pants. If you chose skirt, I would recommend a short black skirt with a higher waist. Being a Suz on Style maven I'm sure you ran out and bought the perfect skirt from Loft when I recommended buying it in August, right??? Remember this one from the post, "Suz on Shopping?"
I'm sure you all own it in black as recommended. Oh, you don't? Well, that's OK. I have other similar options for you.

Left: Forever 21, $17.80
Middle: Old Navy, $25.00
Then pair it with either a black cardigan or black blazer. Top it off with tights and boots, flats or booties and you are ready to rock.

Top left: Forever 21, $24.80
Top middle: Gap, $98.00
Bottom left: J.Crew, $69.50
Bottom right: Loft, $49.50

You can also wear it with skinny jeans or black pants.

Left: Gap, $69.50
Right: Gap, $59.50

For the sequin blazer/cardi, my favorite is the Urban Outfitters cardi.

I would wear this with a plain tank or tee underneath and either wear it with skinny jeans, black skirt (see above) or black pants.
Left: Gap, $12.50
Right: Gap, $39.50

For the sequin skirt, my favorite is the Gap option.

Pair the skirt with a plain tank or tee and a blazer or cardi. You could also wear a warm wooly sweater.
If you are on a budget this season all you really need is to purchase one item. With these prices beginning at $17.80, you can't go wrong! You could buy the Forever 21 sequin tank for $17.80, the Old Navy skirt for $25.00 and the Forever 21 blazer for $24.80 and you would have the whole look for $67.60.
Dressing for the holidays should be fun. Put a little sparkle back in your wardrobe and buy some sequins this season!
'Til Next Time,
Stay Stylish!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Suz on Style Tips

Many offices (including mine) have Casual Fridays. You would think it would be easy for the average person to figure out what is appropriate attire for Casual Friday and what is not. Unfortunately, many people take this to the extreme and wear wildly inappropriate clothing.

Here are Suz on Style Tips for Casual Friday:

1.) No jeans with holes, tears, or rips.

These are stylish, yes, but not appropriate for the office. Instead, opt for a pair with no holes, tears or rips in a dark wash. Stay away for jeggings (leggings made to look like jeans -- see previous post for rules on leggings) or very tight styles. A trouser style jean in a dark wash is a great choice. I recommend these from Loft.

2.) No sweatpants, yoga pants, pallazzo pants or any sort of pant that would be comfortable enough to wear to bed. It's the office people, not a couch!

Sorry, Britney! You are not office appropriate. Or any sort of appropriate in this outfit.

3.) No message tees. Message tees will make you seem juvenile when you are trying to portray that you are a serious employee. Opt instead for a smart sweater or blazer. I recommend this boyfriend blazer from The Gap for $98.00.

4.) No tennis shoes. Tennis shoes are inherently too casual. They are made for the gym, the street and the tennis court -- not the office. Instead, opt for flats, boots, brogues, or heels. I recommend sparkle flats (see previous post) to give your outfit that little bit of pizazz it needs.

5.) No flip-flops, tank-tops, shorts, mini-skirts, slippers, mid-section baring tops, cut-off jean shorts, sweatshirts, or cleavage-baring shirts. Basically, anything that shows too much leg, arm, stomach, boob or foot is not appropriate.

Now, here's a Suz on Style recommended Casual Friday outfit:

Start with a great pair of trouser jeans. Pair it with a feminine blouse and a boyfriend blazer. Add your sparkle flats and a fun scarf or necklace to top off the look. Change into some killer heels and viola!, you are ready for happy hour. Your perfect casual Friday look courtesy of Suz on Style. Your welcome.
'Til Next Time,
Stay Stylish!

Jeans: Loft
Top: J.Crew
Blazer: Gap
Flats: Banana Republic
Scarf: Banana Republic
Necklace: J.Crew