Thursday, September 23, 2010

Suz on Style Trend Alert!

Red Alert! There is a massive shoe-trend and you would be remiss if you did not partake. Every woman can wear this trend and it is available in all price points. It's not only a fun trend, it can be worn with almost anything.

What is the trend you ask?


They are super cute and even the big shoe designers are showing them this fall. This includes the godmother of cute flats, Tory Burch, and the master of all shoes, Jimmy Choo. You can also find them for as cheap as $12.99. Read on and find your favorite pair.

Jimmy Choo: (left) These retail for $365.00 and can be found at Nordstroms.

Tory Burch: (below) This Tory Burch pair features the iconic Tory Burch emblem on the toe and retails for $235.00. They can be found at Nordstroms as well.
J.Crew offers this pair for $125.00.

This pair from Banana Republic (right) are $79.00.

Ann Taylor Loft (left) and Bandolino (right) offer extremely similar options for $59.50 and $69.00 respectively.

Steve Madden offers this pair that looks remarkably like the Jimmy Choos for only $59.00.
Lastly, Mossimo for Target (right) has an option for just $12.99!

With prices like these, how can you afford NOT to own a pair??
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Stay Stylish!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Suz on Style For Less

The Challenge: Create a complete head-to-toe, on-trend look for under $100.00.
Challenge Accepted!

In fact, it is so easy, I can do it with pieces all from one store -- Old Navy. Plus, I'll even have money left over for accessories.

The Look: Western.

ants: Leggings. They are cheap, on-trend and comfortable. $8.00.

Shirt: Plaid Shirt. The red print of this shirt is super cute. $22.50.

Boots: Slouchy cowboy boots. Faux leather. $39.50.

Total spent so far: $70.00.

For the remaining $30 there are some options:

Option One: faux fur. Only the diehard fashionistas
will probably feel comfortable in this trend, but for the price, why not give it a try?! Faux fur vest: $29.50.

Option Two: Accessories

Scarf: $12.50 and ring $10.00.

The great thing about all of these pieces is they are all extremely versatile. The leggings are a must-have in every girls wardrobe. The plaid shirt can be worn with jeans or under sweaters. The boots are a great option with skirts or jeans. Even the faux fur vest could be worn over almost anything. Have fun with the trends -- just don't spend a fortune on them...they won't be en vogue for long. Save the money for your investment pieces.
'Til Next Time,
Stay Stylish!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Suz on Stylish Gifts

Do you ever need a gift for a friend, but have no idea what to get them? Suz has two words for you: Erin. Gallagher.
Erin Gallagher specializes in design-your-own jewelry. There are several options for the stones and the chains. If you design in the store, you can even pick the actual stone that will be used on your item.
A friend of mine recently turned 30 and we designed a necklace for her from Erin Gallagher. We chose the 'Ginger' necklace with blue topaz and aquamarine stones with the 'silver sattelite' chain (left). It was the perfect gift. She loved it and it was more thoughtful than the usual gift because we were able to design the necklace ourselves. The staff was extremely helpful and friendly and the prices are definitely reasonable for the product you recieve.

They also have beautiful pieces designed by the staff at Erin Gallagher. My favorites are the 'Catherine' (below, right), the Emma (below, middle) and the 'Sophie' (below, left).

EG also has a whole line of jewelry for brides and bridesmaids and will host jewelry parties for you and your friends.

Erin Gallagher is located in Lincoln Park at 1013 W Webster near the corner of Sheffield and Webster. They have a great website where you can shop and design your own at

'Til Next Time,

Stay Stylish!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Suz on Fashion and the Law

My two worlds are literally colliding and I couldn't be happier. Fordham Law School is launching it's "Fashion Law Institute" this fall. It is the first law school to offer a fashion law institute and is the first law school to offer courses in fashion law for it's law students.

The Fashion Law Institute was created in conjunction with the Council of Fashion Designers of America and it's President, Diane Von Furstenberg (i.e. the godmother of the wrap dress). While there are no 'majors' in law school, students at Fordham will be able to take classes focusing on aspects of the law that affect the fashion industry including, fashion law and finance, fashion ethics, fashion retail law and fashion law practicum.

You lawyers out there...are you ready for the best part? Not only will the Institute offer public seminar series for design and legal professionals, as well as a Summer Intensive course open to degree and non-degree students, but the institute will also be holding an annual symposium and other seminars and events offering....wait for it....wait for it..... Continuing Legal Education credits!

An opportunity to gain CLE credits while learning about fashion law in NYC?!?! Where do I sign up?

Photos: Left, Susan Scafidi, Fashion Law Institute Director; Right, Diane Von Furstenberg

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Stay Stylish!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Suz on Reese's Style for Less

I love Reese Witherspoon's casual chic style. She always looks comfortable, cute and classic. Here are some of my favorite recent Reese looks and how you can wear them for less.

This first look is great for summer. It also is showcasing the shorts trend. If you have great legs, show them off! These shorts from J.Crew are on sale for $29.99. Pair it with a plain navy long sleeved tee with a white tank-top underneath and, Viola!, you are wearing Reese's outfit.This long sleeved tank is also from J.Crew and retails for $24.50 or 2 for $35.

This next look (left) is also fairly easy to replicate. I love the nod to Reese's southern upbringing with her fun cowboy boots. All you need here is a fun, cotton skirt, a tank or tee shirt, a long cardigan and some cowboy boots. The skirt (below) is from J.Crew and is on sale for $39.99. The boots are from a great brand, Frye. They make high-quality leather boots that will last a lifetime. These are the "Billy Vintage" and retail for $268. You can find them on The long cardigan is from Ann Taylor loft and comes in seven fun colors for $49.50.

This third look I really love. It's the perfect hot, stylish, casual summer day look. I think I did a great job finding an almost identical skirt. This skirt is from a website called,, and retails for $19.60! Steal. The tank top is from J.Crew and is $18 or two for $30. The sandals are from Michael Antonio and are available on for $29.99. The panama hat is from J.Crew (again) and retails for $58.

The fourth and final look is a great way casual way to wear stripes. I have a couple options both from J.Crew for the top. The first is $118 and is a classic from a company called, Saint James (sold on The second shirt is also from J.Crew and retails for $42.50. Finally, pair it with a great pair of skinny jeans (I recommend the 'always skinny' from Gap for $69.50) and a cute pair of pointy-toed black flats (these are from Nine West and retail for $69) and you're rockin' Reese's look!

'Til next time,

Stay Stylish!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Suz on Suggestions from Readers

Thank you to blog reader, Melissa, for your suggestions on more posts regarding, 'what to pack.' Melissa asked whether there were cheap options for easy travel dresses and whether there are any business suits available that will not wrinkle. Great questions, Melissa!


When shopping for a dress to either travel in or pack, you want to make sure the fabric is either a jersey blend or has some spandex in it. Jersey can be literally thrown in a ball in your suitcase and will come out looking wrinkle free. For winter, a wool sweater dress is another good option.

This dress (left) is from Banana Republic and retails for $98.00. I would not classify this as a 'cheap' option. However, the cost-per-use ratio of a dress like this is very low. (Cost-per-use ratio means the cost divided by the total number of times you wear the piece of clothing. If you spend $20 on a dress and only wear it two times then it cost you $10/wear. If you spend $100 on a great dress that you really love and you wear it 10 times, then it cost you the same amount as the $20 dress or $10/wear.) The reason this dress is a great option lies in it's versatility. You can where it almost anytime of year to almost any occasion. You can dress it up for a night out with fun, statement jewelry (see photo, left) and yet it would be completely appropriate for the office with more conservative jewelry and shoes. For winter you can wear this with tights and boots, booties, flats or heels. This dress is great for traveling because it can take you from day to night and anywhere in between. The wrap shape of this dress is flattering on almost all body types.
This dress is a viscose/spandex blend. Viscose is a new fabric and is used to make rayon.

The next option is from Old Navy (right) and retails for $29.50. A much cheaper option. The fabric is cotton jersey -- perfect for travel. I would recommend pairing this dress with leggings, boots and a statement necklace for fall. You might also want to
try cinching the waist with a belt.

The next two options (left) are both from J.Crew.

The black dress is currently on sale for $99.99 marked down from $198. This dress is a matte jersey fabric -- perfect for travel. Again, a bit expensive. I would again have to state that the cost-per-wear ratio for this dress will be low. This dress is another example of a dress that can easily take you from brunch to late-night dancing. The faux wrap style of this dress is ultra-flattering on almost any body type. It also cinches at the waist, showing off your most slender part making you appear thinner.

This "shadow" colored dress is currently on sale for $75 marked down from $90. This dress is a viscose jersey fabric. Again, a great option for travel. I would not recommend this dress for anyone with a fuller chest or broad shoulders. The ruffles around the bust and shoulders will add volume, making you appear larger than you are. This is a great option for women who are looking for some enhancement in that area.


Finding suits that are immune to wrinkling is practically impossible. I would recommend looking for fabrics that include a percentage of spandex. Other than that, ask your hotel for a steamer. :)

J.Crew has an entire line of "Stretch Wool" suiting.

Here are some tips on finding the perfect suit:
1. If you are at all busty, make sure the jacket has 2 or 3 buttons. A one button jacket is only suitable for those ladies with a less substantial bosom. If you are busty and you wear a one button jacket it will appear when you button the jacket that you are spilling out of the top.

2. A perfect fitting jacket sleeve will hit directly at the base thumb knuckle. A perfect fitting pant length is for the pant to cover the top of your shoe but not the toe. A perfect fitting skirt will hit just above or at the knee.

3. When buying a suit, if there is an option for both the skirt and the pants, buy them both. This will allow you to mix-and-match and you will have so many more options. Also, break the pieces up and wear them with different separates to create new outfits.

4. When buying a jacket make sure to try it on with a sweater underneath. You want to make sure it will fit over all your tops and not be too snug.

Thank you Melissa for the post suggestions and for reading!!

'Til next time,

Stay Stylish!

Suz on Self-Promotion

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