Thursday, September 16, 2010

Suz on Stylish Gifts

Do you ever need a gift for a friend, but have no idea what to get them? Suz has two words for you: Erin. Gallagher.
Erin Gallagher specializes in design-your-own jewelry. There are several options for the stones and the chains. If you design in the store, you can even pick the actual stone that will be used on your item.
A friend of mine recently turned 30 and we designed a necklace for her from Erin Gallagher. We chose the 'Ginger' necklace with blue topaz and aquamarine stones with the 'silver sattelite' chain (left). It was the perfect gift. She loved it and it was more thoughtful than the usual gift because we were able to design the necklace ourselves. The staff was extremely helpful and friendly and the prices are definitely reasonable for the product you recieve.

They also have beautiful pieces designed by the staff at Erin Gallagher. My favorites are the 'Catherine' (below, right), the Emma (below, middle) and the 'Sophie' (below, left).

EG also has a whole line of jewelry for brides and bridesmaids and will host jewelry parties for you and your friends.

Erin Gallagher is located in Lincoln Park at 1013 W Webster near the corner of Sheffield and Webster. They have a great website where you can shop and design your own at

'Til Next Time,

Stay Stylish!

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