Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What to Pack for a Beach Vacation

As many of you may know, I am heading to the beach for a week of relaxation. Here is my list of what to pack for your next trip to the sun, surf and sand.

1. Bathing suits. Yes -- more than one. You don't want to have to wear the same bottoms every day of the vacation, do you? Suz -- bikini or one piece? Either. I think you should wear whatever makes you feel the most comfortable. There are plenty of cute one pieces out there. I am a big fan of JCrew's swim shop. They have a ton of different shapes and sizes. My pick for this season is:

This top is flattering on a larger bust and the skirt will help hide any cottage cheese you might have on your thighs. Gurl -- don't fret. We've all got a little.
2. Sunblock. SPF 30+
3. Cover-Up. No one wants to see you in your bikini at the local bar sipping Coronas. Please ladies -- get a cute cover-up. None of this skin-tight denim shorts with the waistband folded over crap. You are not Britney Spears and why would you want to dress like her??
If you think you can pull it off, I really like the idea of a trendy romper for a cover up. Otherwise, I recommend a cute cotton dress. Here's my pick. I love the nautical stripes. (Yes, again from JCrew. They also have some cute options like this at Forever 21.):

4. Beach Hat (no premature aging will be tolerated here). JCrew is the winner again. I love the look of a traditional sun hat. I know the panama style hat is trendy and popular again, but this hat will never go out of style.

5. A cute beach bag. My pick is the traditional "Boat and Tote" bag from LL Bean. You just can't go wrong.

6. Flip-flops. I don't think you need much instruction here. Just don't wear wedge flip flops or heeled flip flops. There's nothing I hate more than wedge flip flops. They make you look like you're wearing Frankenstein's shoes.
7. A good beach read. My picks are InStyle magazine and Us Weekly. I also recently read the Anita Shreve book, Body Surfing and enjoyed it. I am going to try and read, Beach Music, on my trip. I'll let y'all know how it goes.

Until next time. Stay Stylish.

Monday, June 14, 2010

A+ for Biel's A-Team Promotion Wardrobe

Jessica Biel has been rocking the red carpet lately promoting her new movie, The A Team. I am not usually the biggest Biel fan -- maybe it's because she's dating my boyfriend JT -- but she has been looking fierce lately. Here is one of my favorite looks and how you can sport the look for less.

For this appearance at the Late Show with David Letterman Biel is wearing taupe colored wide-legged trousers with a baby blue blouse and a skinny belt. She finished the look with a beige clutch.

This blue top is from Bluefly.com and is $41. The saturated blue color will look great on all skin tones. The V-neck and cinching at the waist will flatter any body type.

The wide leg pants are from Banana Republic and retail for $79. When buying wide legged pants be sure they have a flat front and are a bit longer than what you normally might wear. A wide waistband is a flattering look on any body type. Also, make sure they aren't skin tight in the thigh -- this will make the leg appear much larger than it really is. Also, make sure the pants are long enough when wearing wedge sandals (recommended shoe with this look) or heels to cover most of the shoe and just skim the ground.

The clutch is from Hobo International and retails for $108. I love Hobo International, their purses are so beautiful. The neutral color of this bag will go with everything.
Pair with a skinny silver belt wrapped twice around the waist (see http://www.jcrew.com/) at the cinching point in the shirt and a silver necklace and you are ready to go.
Happy Shopping!
'Til next time --
Stay stylish!

Friday, June 11, 2010


Top 10 List of Suz's Style Must-Haves (in no particular order)

10. Black blazer (for work, for over a great tank when going out or for when you're feeling like your arms resemble something closer to two ham hocks)

9. Black pencil skirt (to hug your enviable curves)

8. A great pair of jeans (to make your butt look scrumptious)

7. Trench coat (can also double as a cover-up over lingerie for when you want to surprise that special certain someone)

6. Hunter wellies (they are useful in all seasons -- rain, snow, slush, hail -- you're covered -- literally and you'll look super cute)

5. Black point-toed heels (they make your legs look even longer)

4. Pearl stud earrings (you'll look like Jackie even when you may feel more like It's Pat.)

3. Summer cotton dress (have you ever had to walk five blocks to the L in the August heat? trust me -- you need one)

2. Ballet flats (they look great and you can actually walk in them)

1. The LBD (duh -- did I really have to tell you that one?)