Friday, June 11, 2010


Top 10 List of Suz's Style Must-Haves (in no particular order)

10. Black blazer (for work, for over a great tank when going out or for when you're feeling like your arms resemble something closer to two ham hocks)

9. Black pencil skirt (to hug your enviable curves)

8. A great pair of jeans (to make your butt look scrumptious)

7. Trench coat (can also double as a cover-up over lingerie for when you want to surprise that special certain someone)

6. Hunter wellies (they are useful in all seasons -- rain, snow, slush, hail -- you're covered -- literally and you'll look super cute)

5. Black point-toed heels (they make your legs look even longer)

4. Pearl stud earrings (you'll look like Jackie even when you may feel more like It's Pat.)

3. Summer cotton dress (have you ever had to walk five blocks to the L in the August heat? trust me -- you need one)

2. Ballet flats (they look great and you can actually walk in them)

1. The LBD (duh -- did I really have to tell you that one?)

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