Thursday, September 23, 2010

Suz on Style Trend Alert!

Red Alert! There is a massive shoe-trend and you would be remiss if you did not partake. Every woman can wear this trend and it is available in all price points. It's not only a fun trend, it can be worn with almost anything.

What is the trend you ask?


They are super cute and even the big shoe designers are showing them this fall. This includes the godmother of cute flats, Tory Burch, and the master of all shoes, Jimmy Choo. You can also find them for as cheap as $12.99. Read on and find your favorite pair.

Jimmy Choo: (left) These retail for $365.00 and can be found at Nordstroms.

Tory Burch: (below) This Tory Burch pair features the iconic Tory Burch emblem on the toe and retails for $235.00. They can be found at Nordstroms as well.
J.Crew offers this pair for $125.00.

This pair from Banana Republic (right) are $79.00.

Ann Taylor Loft (left) and Bandolino (right) offer extremely similar options for $59.50 and $69.00 respectively.

Steve Madden offers this pair that looks remarkably like the Jimmy Choos for only $59.00.
Lastly, Mossimo for Target (right) has an option for just $12.99!

With prices like these, how can you afford NOT to own a pair??
'Til Next Time,
Stay Stylish!

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