Thursday, August 19, 2010

Suz on Shopping

I am obsessed with the adorable high-waisted short skirts popping-up everywhere for Fall. Currently, my favorite look is this one from Club Monaco. As CM is across the street from my house, I thought I would take a pic of the look displayed in their window on my way to work this morning.

I love the juxtaposition of the black and gold sparkly skirt with the striped nautical t-shirt and the anorak jacket.
The skirt retails for $198 (I think) and the t-shirt is $39.

I love this look, however, I realize it may be something that only you brave fashionistas out there will try and pull off.

Here is how Suz On Style would style this outfit for us regular people:

I would purchase the t-shirt. It's only $39 and you can wear it with jeans, skirts, suits -- just about anything. And the striped nautical look is so hot right now.

For the skirt, I would recommend purchasing this similar style in black from Ann Taylor Loft to save on price. Plus, the fact that this skirt is not sequined means it will be more versatile for day and night. Don't worry, it comes in black -- I promise. Plus, it's on sale right now for $29.99.

I would wear a boyfriend long cardigan over the t-shirt. Again, Loft has a great example out this season in a bevy of colors. This sweater is $49.50. You can also pair this skirt with just about any top. Just be careful not to show too much boob. This skirt is very short and will show a lot of leg. If you then also show a lot of boob, you will end up looking a little bit too Pammy Anderson.

Depending on wear you are taking this outfit, you could wear tights and booties, flats, gladiator sandals, boots, over-the-knee-boots or brogues.

It's your perfect fall look. You're welcome.

'Til Next Time,
Stay Stylish!

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