Friday, April 1, 2011

Suz on Color

Where has all the color gone? It's springtime, people! (Or at least that is what the calendar says...) Remember the days when springtime meant breaking out of the grey, black and brown rut of winter dressing and embracing color? What says spring more than the happy hues of yellows, pinks, greens, and blues? Alas, when you enter your favorite stores, staring back at you is dull, muted, melancholy colors. Even more, the colors that are being shown right now are very difficult for us fair-skinned beauties to pull off without looking dead.

Here are some examples:

This look is from J.Crew. Does this look like "spring" to you?

What about this one?

Blah! Boring! Where's the color, J.Crew??

Maybe it's just J.Crew you ask? Think again...

This is a "Look We Love" from Ann Taylor Loft. I don't love it. I think it's boring... It's all brown. Where's the look of spring tulips and daffodils? Where is the outfit that makes you want to run through a spring meadow in all your feminine freshness?

This look from Banana Republic is an "Outfit We Love." I think it's fine. I doesn't really say, "Happy Spring," or "Goodbye Winter" to me....but maybe since I live in Chicago I need color and spring more than the average woman. To be fair...there is some color out there. But, it is not as prevelant as I would like. Case in point, J.Crew recently unveiled their Fall 2011 collection. It is jam packed with color. Color, color and more color. The hues are a undoubtedly geared toward fall/winter and not spring/summer, but it's colorwonderful all the same. Where's the color this spring? Obviously, the muted tones are a big trend along with the 'all-white' trend, but I am a sucker for color. Shopping this spring is about as depressing as the Chicago weather -- all grey, brown and melancholy. So come on, let's put a little color back into our lives!
'Til Next Time, Stay Stylish!

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