Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Suz on Pajama Jeans

Do you love stylish, sexy jeans? Do you love soft, comfy pajama bottoms? Now get the best of both worlds with pajama jeans!

Pajama Jeans???? Really???? Have you seen them?

(Wow! Look at how ugly my bottom looks!)

The ads state: "They're so comfortable you'll want to sleep in them!" Sleeping in these atrocious pants is the only thing you'll want to do in them. This new 2-in-1 product makes me sad. :( That is how your butt will also look if you wear these pants. Sad. :(

Two-in-one products never work as well as the solo products. Case in point: two-in-one shampoo and conditioner or the lovely sweatshirt/mock turtleneck combos.

If you want to look like an idiot wearing elastic waist banded, stretch "dormi-soft" fabric "jeans" then spend $39.95 on a pair of pajama jeans.

Here's my biggest pet peeve with these "jeans." These "jeans" are for the person who is too lazy or uncomfortable to wear actual jeans when going out of the house, so these pajama jeans seem like the perfect solution, except that you actually then look like you are wearing pajama jeans, not jeans! Don't be fooled, you will not look like you are wearing jeans when you step out of the house in your pajama jeans. Just look at this photo:

(I can't show you my whole waist band -- it's too ugly.)

Does this person look like she's actually wearing jeans? No, she looks like an idiot. Plus, unless you are under the age of 60 there is no reason to wear an elastic waist banded pair of "jeans." Further, if you know you shouldn't be going out of the house in pajamas, then why would you think it was OK to leave the house in pajama jeans? The name "pajama" should clue you in that these are NOT JEANS, they are PAJAMAS!

(Perfect for sleeping alone, spending time with your multiple cats and playing with your troll doll collection.)

These pajama jeans are atrocious. Please do NOT spend your $39.95 on these ugly pants. Instead, go buy a real pair of sweatpants. They'll be cheaper and won't make your butt look this fugly.


'Til next time,
Stay Stylish!

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