Friday, July 30, 2010

Suz On Shopping

Lately, I have been feeling the shopping itch. I have been trying to curb the itch for new fall clothes by buying things for my apartment. I think if one more box arrives at the apartment my boyfriend is going to take one of them and start living in it on the corner. So, in lieu of actually purchasing anything for fall yet since it is still way too hot here in Chicago, I will blog about my fall obsessions 2010. But Suz, you might ask, you already did a post about the hot trends for fall. Yes, that is correct. This blog, however, is about the things I am actually contemplating purchasing.

1. Brogues.

My very stylish friend, Melissa and I started talking about these cute shoes a month of so ago and now I can’t get them out of my head. I think they are a great summer-into-fall piece. You can wear them now with cute shorts or a skirt and then in the fall with jeans or tights. My favs are the Camden Leather Brogues from JCrew.

2. Plaid Schoolboy Shirts.

Again, I love the herringbone plaid shirt from JCrew. The print is classic and the updated cut is made to look less boxy then the ones we wore in '94.

3. Over the knee boots.

My favorite is from Joie. But they are very expensive at $545. There are cute, less expensive options at Nine West and Ann Taylor Loft. This pair is from Loft. These will look great with a cute skirt or a fun sweater dress.

4. Cropped Leather Jacket in fall hues. Belfast for JCrew (I know, I am a JCrew-aholic) would be my dream jacket. However, it is over $1,200.00.

This cheaper option at Urban Outfitters is 'only' $250. Plus, the fact that it is a "Members Only" ups the hipster quotient.

5. Updated anorak jacket.

You can find these almost anywhere. Ann Taylor loft has an army green one on sale right now for $39.99. JCrew has many ranging in price from $98-$148. Urban Outfitters also has a few options for around $78.

This one is from JCrew and is the Solid Ripstop Field Jacket. Pair it with a sparkly top or skirt for an updated look.

Til next time,

Stay Stylish!

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